22 is the new 17: Birthday fashions & life lessons


On July the 9th of 2014, I officially became an old a$$ bitch. Ok, 22 is not technically “old” but it’s the first birthday in my entire life where the act of becoming a new, older age did not excite me. Last year it felt exquisite to turn 21 and finally be able to become legally intoxicated, something I had been doing illegally for a few years or so… WOOPS. And prior to my 21st, I have always wanted to be older. Like when I was 16 with a summer birthday anxiously awaiting my 17th birthday so I could finally become a licensed driver. Or even when I was 12 and I just wanted to be a “teenager.” Now I have had my license for what seems like forever (even though you wouldn’t know it by my driving) and have been out of my teens for years. THAT SHIT CRAY. Anyways, this birthday made me feel as though I would love to go back to being 17. But then I thought about my 17 year old self and the person that I am today and I realized that that is the last thing I would ever want. Myself today versus at 17 is stronger, smarter, healthier, more focused (usually) , more responsible (also usually) and way more secure. Today I have an amazing group of friends and I am a better friend to my friends. I have removed the idea of settling in every aspect of my life with the desire and courage to go after what I want and turn my dreams into my BREE-ALITY. Sure I’m still single as fuck like I was back at 17 but my self improvement and self discovery that I have done since being 17 has been way more beneficial than a relationship would have been. Over the past few years I have taken the time to fall in love with life and fall in love with myself, and I don’t mean that in a Kimye narcissistic-as-fuck kind of way. At 17 I didn’t appreciate things as much as I do now and my priorities were different. Now I am much more positive and less focused on stupid shit that doesn’t really matter, and I love myself for that. With that mindset, I have learned to let go of the negativity that surrounded me and in return such positive things and people have replaced that space and I am so thankful for that.  So after I did all of this self reflecting I obviously went strait to the bottle to start celebrating my “breeday” with my favorite bitches and ended the night not at 1 oak as planned but drunk in love with grilled cheese and french fries at the diner, which makes me seem like the biggest hypocrite in the world after expressing about how good of a person I have become. I’m still a degenerate at heart but I have also learned to embrace my flaws… Before I get to fashion I want to end this post with thanking everyone in my life who makes me feel special. And to anyone with a negative nancy attitude towards life or aging or anything really, take some time to yourself and get to know yourself. Learn what makes you happy and surround yourself with people that genuinely want the best for you. Appreciate the positive that surrounds you because that is what will attract even more positivity into your life. And finally, stop sweating the small stuff because life, like my height, is so short that every minute should be celebrated. If I wasn’t such a health nut I would most definitely wake up every morning and drink a glass of champagne in honor of life. Would that make me an alcoholic ? IDK but cheers to 22. My life is only getting better and I am excited to age because at this rate, with aging will come amazingness (but hopefully not wrinkles ugh) …


Here’s a look at my 22nd “breeday”


I am obviously obsessed with Rachel Zoe and so it was only necessary to have my birthday hair did at her blow dry salon, Dream Dry.


I used a photo of my girl LC as the makeup inspiration for my birthday face.


The results! I had my makeup did at Sephora in the Meatpacking District on 13th st and 9th ave. I was super happy with the outcome, I felt so glam!


Me and my bitches looking fab as fuck! From the left;  Alicia, myself and Marissa outside of my apartment in the West Village hours before my birthday. I had to celebrate aging in style, here is what I rocked: Dress: bohemian BONES from revolve. Shoes: Chinese Laundry. Bag: Tylie Malibu.


After a fabulous girls night out, I spent my birthday with my mom and sister in Soho. My birthday suit included a top and shorts from Free People and an arm full of Breedazzled bracelets + lots n lots of gold bangles.

Another little something to remember as you get older…. XX b


I’m Even Hot Naked: hot summer playlist

Holy hell it was hot this past week in NYC. Thank Yeezus the fan I ordered from Amazon (my favorite online destination) came in today!  During the super hot times in my apartment this week nothing could cool me off, so since the heat was keeping me up I decided to make a hot summer playlist composed of 18 fire hip hop tracks I’m LOVING. Take a listen!

Intoxicating Barbie Cake: The Perfect 21st Birthday Gift

Last summer my friend Alicia celebrated the most important day of her life, her 21st Birthday. No more fake ID’s or stress of getting into those beautiful places called “bars” because Alicia was now 21 and ready to party, legally. Being that she is one of my oldest and most fabulous friends, I wanted to make her something special for her day. But I also wanted to get her really, really drunk. hmmm. I went on Pinterest and found a “Drunk Barbie Cake” but I didn’t want to give Alicia cake because cake would not make her drunk. I searched Pinterest some more and found a “Beer Cake” which looked really cool. I combined the two ideas and added my own spin to make this “Intoxicating Barbie Cake.”  Alicia absolutely loved it and I was happy that I was able to give her something that she not only adored but was able to put to very good use. Below the picture are the steps to making this cake and don’t worry, it is super easy! Xxx B


What you need: 

  • Barbie
  • 3 foam circles: 1 large, 1 medium and 1 small
  • Alcohol: I used Twisted Tea for the bottom layer and stackable wine for the top however you can do canned drinks for both layers, just make sure the drink you choose is something the receiver of the cake likes!
  • Wrapping Paper or Fabric: for covering the foam rings
  • Round Plate: base
  • Elastic
  • Dressmaker Pins
  • Hot Glue
  • Tiny Clear Elastic Band
  • Extra Special Additions: mini alcohol bottles, cake pops, chocolate chip cookie, “Happy Birthday Candles”, plastic shot glasses

How to make it: Like Drake, you will start from the bottom when making this cake.

1. Cover the foam rings with either wrapping paper or fabric. I used gold, sparkly wrapping paper. Add a few drops of hot glue onto the foam, wrap and then use a few push pins to secure the wrapping.

2. Your plate is going to be your base. I bought a sturdy plate for about a dollar at Michaels. Add a few drops of hot glue to the plate and then adhere the largest foam ring onto the plate. The size of the plate and the largest ring should match.

3. Place your beer on the foam ring making a circle of drinks that will be slightly smaller than the circle it is placed on yet slightly larger than the circle that will go on top of it. Add elastic (I used gold sequin elastic) around the cans to make them extra secure.

4. Place the medium circle on top of the cans and then repeat. Top off with the small circle.

5. Now that your cake is built and secure with elastic around the drinks, secure it more by taking a few pieces elastic and pinning one end to the top of the cake and one to the bottom.

6. To add some more fun to the cake, I glued shot glasses and wine corks onto the foam by the edges of the drinks which also helped keep the drinks in place.

7. Since this is a “cake” I inserted “Happy Birthday” Candles into the foam and also a few birthday  cake pops from Starbucks.

8. Now that you built the cake, time to add Barbie to the top. First I placed a large chocolate chip cookie on top because, why not.

9. Adding Barbie. First she needs to look like a train wreck AKA what you want your friend to look like by the end of the night. Mess up her hair and take some eyeliner and smear it on her face. Then dig through your old Barbie collection and find the sluttiest outfit possible that screams “Hooker Barbie.” If your Barbie doesn’t look like she can be bought (and I don’t mean at Toys “R” Us) than she isn’t dressed slutty enough.

10. Place Paris, I mean Barbie on top of the cake and secure with elastic & pins. Since Barbie can’t reach the alcohol under her, you better put a mini bottle of alcohol in her hand, secure with a tiny, clear elastic.

All done! Come on Barbie, lets go party…..

Super Simple Chickpea Salad: for the skinny chick

Shopping List:

  • 1 can of Chickpeas
  • 1 avocado
  • 1 tomato
  • 1 Garlic clove
  • 1 cucumber
  • Olive oil
  • Vinegar
  • Seasoning / salt + pepper (your choice)


Step 1: Drain the can of chickpeas in the sink and let sit.

Step 2: Chop up your veggies.


Step 3: Add all of your veggies to the chickpeas and toss around


Step 4: Either store in a container (this recipe will make a few servings) or serve.

Step 5: Dressing, and no I don’t mean clothes. I like a little olive oil & brown rice vinegar on any salad because it is light & yummy. I then sprinkle some flavoring onto the salad using a seasoning mix or salt & pepper.


Step 6: ENJOY!


Now go make it! XXx B

Outfit of the Night: Grad Party at the Brownstone

I think the first thing a girl thinks when getting an invite in the mail for a party at a fancy-ish place is ” What am I going to wear?” Well, that’s what my first thought was when I received an invite for a graduation party at the Brownstone in Paterson, NJ AKA the place that is on The Real Housewives of NJ. I proceeded to think “What am I going to get her” and by “her” I meant Gianna who just graduated from Fordham aka a smart person college. Anyways, instead of buying a new outfit which is what I used to do for things like this, I just dug through my wardrobe and put this together… PS the only expensive item on me is my shoes but even those were bought on sale.

Fancy-ish Grad Party Look For Less


What I wore: Denim Jacket: Old Navy. Top: Urban Outfitters. Shorts: Zara (40.00, such a great find). Clutch: Imports from Marakesh (25.00, another steal! ) Long necklace & bracelets: Breedazzled. Not pictured: Jimmy Choo wedges that I wore to my high school prom.


A closer look, I fell in love with the pretty floral lace detail on the side of the shorts. They can easily go from day to night time by rocking a tee shirt by day and a blouse type tank by night. Simple & Chic! XXx  B

Outfit of the Day: Brunch & Stuff

I was elated when my younger cousin Carly & her two friends adventured into NYC to visit me yesterday! We had the most amazing time walking around my neighborhood, the West Village and all around the surrounding areas. I may be biased, but my cousin and her friends are really amazing girls. Myself being 22 and the girls being 18 & 19, they are slightly younger than me yet I would totally hang with them all the time (that is if they want to hang with me) . Carly and her crew are smart, funny, put together and so happy. They radiate happiness! What a joy it was to bring them around the city and show them new things. Take a look below at some of the best moments of our day!

Xxx B


Myself “B” left with Carly in the Meatpacking district. What I’m rocking: Vest: Urban Outfitters. Tank: Brandy Melville. Pants: Nike. Shoes: Converse. Bag: Marc Jacobs. Bracelets: Breedazzled. And a hippy headband from IDK where!

We wandered around the Village and spotted a super cute garden looking type restaurant that caught our attention named Olio e Piu. It was the perfect setting to have a nice little brunch with the girls and have a Vemma tasting sorrei….



 Cheers! The girls got to try Vemma Renew, which promotes healthy hair, skin and nails. Basically beauty in a bottle that tastes like OJ, how amazing ? You also see them clinking the Verve ParTea which is an “insanely healthy energy tea” and they absolutely loved it! Another drink we sipped at brunch was the Verve Zero Sugar which was perfect pre Manhattan tour considering how much walking we did and how much caffeine it contains (80 mg of natural caffeine) Woop!

**to shop these products visit breedazzled79.vemma.com **


After brunch, we took our Breedazzled selves and wandered over to Chelsea Market AKA one of my favorite spots in Manhattan.


There we explored the tiny, unique shops inside of the Market, which is actually a converted factory! The Morroccan shop is definitely a favorite place of mine. I visually spent about ten grand on textiles and silver platters. I really cannot afford my eyes….


So many pretty things I can’t take it! I love the Hamsa, hand of god. I have a pretty silver Hamsa hanging over my doorway which was a gift & it brings a sense of protection to my apartment.


Chelsea market also has “Artists and Fleas” where you can find some of the most amazing pieces of jewelry, vintage clothing, artwork and really cool shit you do not need!


I was digging these graphic tees, how typical of myself. I had to refrain from buying the cutest half denim half tulle dress, I can always just make my own version !


Love the way the colorful art looks against the brick wall!


Although we did not get any sweets, we did some sweet window shopping!


Once we got through Chelsea Market, we headed back to my apartment for some mid afternoon Verve MoJoe, which happens to be my favorite Verve drink. Since trying the Mojoe, a coffee drink that is non dairy & made with coconut cream, I no longer want the other coffee I was drinking. It is THAT good!


After coffee, I had to go to Algebra class, EW! So the girls headed down to Soho! But not before playing with the puppy, Monte. Monte is Marissa’s 10 week old boxer who came for an NYC visit this week!


Megan, above, rocking her Breedazzled Angel Wings!


Katie, above in her Breedazzled Lady Bug bangles.


Monte sticking his tongue out at Carly because he wants to taste her Verve Remix!

Visit me again soon girls, love ya!

Visit Breedazzled79.vemma.com to purchase the Vemma products & etsy.com/shop/shopbreedazzled to purchase Breedazzled Jewelry!

Vemma Bod e Shake Guilt Free Ice Cream

Considering “breekini” season is finally here, I had to break up with that hoe fro-yo a long time ago. So instead of eating my fave on fave dairy dessert and looking terrible on the beach, I decided to do some “breesearch” on Pinterest to come up with a guilt-free alternative to frozen yogurt. Did you know that bananas make for perfect ice cream? I totally did not. But it’s true, you can make ice cream out of bananas. But that’s not good enough for me. Why not make it even more amazing and add protein powder?And almond butter. So that’s what I did. To make the VEMMA BOD E SHAKE GUILT FREE ICE CREAM you will need the following 3 ingredients…


In my ice cream I used the chocolate flavor, but the Vemma Bod e Shake also comes in Vanilla if you are more of a Vanilla person (I will never understand “vanilla people”).

Step 1 : Chop up 4 bananas. place in a jar or container of choice.

Step 2: Freeze for a minimum of four hours, I froze overnight.

Step 3: Take the bananas out of the freezer and either let thaw for about 20 minutes or microwave for half a minute.

Step 4: Put the banana chunks into the blender (I have a Ninja at my apartment and a NutriBullet at my fam home & I like both) and blend the bananas to a creamy consistency.

Optional Steps: Add 2 Scoops of the Vemma Bod e Shake. Add 2 tablespoons of Almond Butter. mix.

Final step: Jar your ice cream and freeze for another 4 hours or so. Enjoy babes !


My super cute floral apron is from Anthropologie. You can shop them here. And of course my bracelets are Breedazzled, you can shop them here!


Don’t forget to shop the Vemma Bod e Shake here at breedazzled79.vemma.com. Below is a glance at the beneficial ingredients it contains !

16g of Muscle-Building Protein*
24g of Body-Boosting Carbohydrates*
7g of Hunger-Satisfying Fiber*
690mg of Brain-Supporting Omega-3*
20mL of Clinically Studied Vemma Formula

Available in both Vanilla & Chocolate!

Hope you found this post to be very sweet, now go make it! Xxx B