Summer Lovin, happened so fast!

Rest in peace to my sweet soul mate summer, because you are basically Justin Timberlake “Dead and Gone.”  Of course if I lived somewhere like say Laguna Beach, CA (where I’m headed to tomorrow) it would not matter so much because the temps don’t drop faster than a Diplo beat there. Unfortunately I am still a north east bitch & I’ll be breaking out my faux fur coat in no time. This summer has been different than the past few, as I graduated college in December and am not partying a few months away until the next semester starts. I have spent part of the warmer months working in the corporate office of Ralph Lauren, which now qualify me to compare myself to Jennifer Aniston as that is where Rachel from Friends worked. You probably think that I took the job for the sole reason of comparing myself to the holy grail that is Jen, and I am not going to confirm nor deny that… But since that gig is not full time I have also been interviewing half of my ass off, exercising the other half of it off and spending some time with my family at the beach in between. As I anxiously await to hear back from two different companies as to whether I will be offered a position as their showroom assistant, one is a jewelry company and the other is a yoga wear company, I will be heading to my future home town of Laguna Beach, California to spend time with my sister, and my floridian father along with his girlfriend who for geographical reasons I have not seen in quite a while. I will also be visiting my uncle who lives in Los Angeles, so stay tuned for a post on my Cali inspired fashions when I get back! For now, I posted a few pictures of outfits I wore so far these past couple of weeks and where you can find my fashions. And please, if you do one thing for me, I ask that you enjoy the rest of your summer and spend some quality time with your loved ones as well!


 July 9th, 2015. My 23rd birthday! Top by Forever21, Brandy Melville white distressed jeans, Matisse boots, layered Breedazzled necklaces made by me.

The Jersey Shore, just call me Snooki as I am not much taller than her. Brandy Melville top, American Apparel jeans.

Ready for the bar, I mean when am I not? Top and bra from PacSun, Brandy Melville jeans, Chinese Laundry shoes, Breedazzled necklace and bracelets.

With my forever friend Alicia at our favorite spot in LBI, Joe Pops. Floral Kimono by Oneil, Gypsy Warrior crop top, American Apparel shorts, Tylie Malibu bag.

Headed to a Bridal Shower to celebrate my beautiful friend Dianne. Michael Kors dress, American Eagle necklace, Free People sandals. My 23rd birthday celebration with my beautiful friends Gab (who I share a birthday with) and Gianna. My maxi dress is from Urban Outfitters I loved the two slits on the sides. I paired my Jeffrey Campell boots and Breedazzled necklaces and bracelets with this dress.

 An all white look for my cousins baby shower. Brandy Melville top, Forever 21 shorts, Dolce Vita shoes, and a Zara handbag which my mother found on sale for 20 bucks! #STEAL

 One pieces can be sexy too! This one is from American Apparel which I rocked in Miami for Fourth of July weekend.

  My world is all white, or at least my apartment is! This dress is by Bohemian Bones and my amazing leather jacket which you cannot really see well is by All Saints, a special item I treated myself to for my birthday.

An all black look for Alicia’s grad party, picture taken in my sister’s messy ass closet. Top was hers though so I can’t complain too much about her! It is by For Love and Lemons and she wore it to her Junior formal. Paired it with Dr Martens (also hers, whoops) and Gypsy Warrior shorts. Bag is by Reiss of London. 

That is all the fashions for now. Above is a picture I took in the West Village of NYC where I live. I liked the “Protect Your Magic” because it is so true. Everyone has a talent, something special that makes you, you! Do not let anybody steal or conceal it. Protect it with your heart, and live a magical life doing what you love, with who you love, where you love. And of course, wearing what you love!

April Fashions & Celeb Look For Less

Hello Babes, I have been a little MIA with the blog posts but I am BAACCCK bitches! It is the end of April (Thank Breezus) because this winter has been cold AF. Bikini season is quickly approaching so if you have been hitting the cookie jar instead of the gym, I suggest you stop that shit, like, yesterday… Anyways, here are some fashions I would like to share, and a celeb look for less. Enjoy the rest of your April, talk to ya soon! XX B


I love this floral printed top I recently purchased from Urban Outfitters. It is maroon which is a color that is out of my comfort zone (because it is not white, black or gray) and I actually ended up liking it a lot! I paired it with a Breedazzled necklace which you can purchase here.


But then I said “Fuck Maroon” and went back to my comfort zone in an all white ensemble. I recently purchased these “Boyfriend Jeans” from Pacsun and they are by Brandy Melville. I paired them with a plain white long sleeved top and had my Free People  lace bralette peeking out for a little “sexy, sexy” to counteract my tomboy look.


 If you don’t own a pair of One Teaspoon jeans, you probably should. My “Free Birds” are my fave pair of jeans and I paired them with a green tee I recently purchased at American Eagle for under 10 dollars! I threw an old flannel over it and put on a dope pair of kicks & I was ready to hang, or should I say swing, with my cousin Zach!


 An Outfit I wore for a night out in the 305. Lace bell bottoms are a huge trend this spring. I bought this pair at Gypsy Warrior and surprisingly they fit my midget self perfectly, no hemming required (Thank Breezus). I added what I call a “Fashion Hat” which I purchased a while ago at TOPSHOP for extra coolness. I loved this look, and def need to repeat this outfit at some point!


 Last but not least, my celeb look for less! I loved this outfit that Kim K rocked while out with Yeezy & North for a day of family fun. I was also out for a family day of fun when I rocked her look for less. I purchased cutoff shorts similar to hers from Forever 21. It was not a super warm day, so I wore a Brandy Melville sweater over a white tee, lace up sandals (because I am NOT a high heeled kinda gal like Kim, I can’t walk in them…) and my signature Ray Ban shades.

Hope you enjoyed my fashions! Happy Shopping :)

My February Fashions

Happy last day of February babes! I am b e y o n d excited that this brutal AF winter is coming to a close because I am not a winter person whatsoever. At this point in the season my skin is as dry as the freakin’ Sahara and I’ve been wearing a grinch onesie to bed to keep me warm. Over it. I need summer, but I’ll even settle for summer’s less attractive yet still cute sister, spring. Anyways, here are some fashions I rocked in February, hope you like!



Military inspired fashions are currently all the rage. My jacket above is from forever 21 which I paired with faux leather joggers, also from forever. My booties are by Ash and my fabulous cherry red handbag is Marc Jacobs. I added a belt to cinch my waist creating an hourglass look. And of course my wrist is decked in my jewelry, Breedazzled.


A view of my outfit from the top.


 Ok my statement necklace in this pic kills me. How amazing is it? Another fab forever 21 find paired with an old ACDC shirt, destroyed jeans by TRIPP NYC, Breedazzled bracelets and a Chanel bag.


If you are a true fashionista, than you know that the denim on denim look is fire as of lately. I didn’t like my button down denim top with these pair of jeans at first because they weren’t ripped and the outfit seemed a little very fucking boring! However these jeans were the perfect color denim to rock with this top, so I made horizontal cuts in my jeans all the way down both legs simply using a scissor. Threw them in the wash to let the rips fray and there ya go, ripped jeans!


 You can purchase my “Blue Healing Stone Necklace” seen in this pic by clicking here. It is a new design of mine and if you don’t know that healing stones are a very popular jewelry item at the moment, now you know! 

A Very Vegan Super Bowl !

Congrats to the New England Patriots on their Super Bowl win yesterday. I am not a football fan by any means but I was hoping for a Patriots win because of the genetically perfect Tom Brady. Yes, that is a superficial reason but come on, he is just so freakin perfect. Anyways, as most Americans were devouring buffalo wings during the game, I was munching on Cauliflower “buffalo wings” which I made from a recipe I found on Pinterest. I also whipped up some guac and crispy pita chips. Below are the super simple recipes which I urge you to try. They are vegan recipes and are very healthy, so your bikini approves!



For the Cauliflower Buffalo Wings you will need: 

– Cauliflower cut into florets, I bought two bags of them from trader joes

– 1 cup white rice flour

– 1 cup water

– 1/4 teaspoon of each: salt, garlic powder and paprika

-1 cup of buffalo wing sauce (I used Frank’s because it is vegan)



Pre heat your oven to 450 degrees.

In a bowl combine the flour, water, salt, garlic powder and paprika and whisk until combined

Cover your baking sheets in tin foil

Dip the Cauliflower into the mix and place on sheet. Bake for 18 – 20 minutes.

Take out of oven and dip each floret into a bowl containing the buffalo wing sauce.

Bake for another 5 minutes and enjoy!


The finished product along with some guac & pita chips. To make the guac you will need:

– 3 ripe avocados, peeled and pitted

-1- 2 jalapeños, stem and seeds removed. I used 2 because I like it hot!

-1/2 cup red onion

– 1 tbsp fresh lime juice

-1/2 tsp sea salt

-dash of cumin

Mix in a blender for a creamy, smooth consistency & serve! 



To make some fresh, crispy pita chips combine olive oil, salt and pepper in a bowl. Cut falafel bread, I use a whole wheat one from trader joes, into smaller pieces. lightly coat in your olive oil mix & place on a tin foil covered baking sheet. Bake for 5 minutes at 450 degrees. Take them out of the oven and flip the pieces over. Bake for another 5 minutes and then ENJOY!

Time to get cooking, mangia!

January Fashion Finds

 Normally at this point in the winter my “post christmas depression” hits me like a ton of pointed heel Louboutins. Out goes the excitement of the holiday season and in comes the realization that there are sooo many more days of cold weather left of the season. However, I spent most of January in sunny Naples, Florida so luckily I haven’t been a cold ass bitch much this winter. However, sunny or not, the mall pretty much sucks everywhere in January as the stores are trying to get rid of all of the shit that no one wanted and barely getting any new inventory in. How depressing for the shopoholics of America… Not me though! I still found some good attire, look below!

XX b 


This Guns N’ Roses tank was such a great find on! Band tees are always a good idea, especially with a killer bag and ripped jeans.


The same pair of jeans from the last pic (6 year old American Eagle ripped skinnies) only this time with a white tank by Groceries, a line of apparel made of 100 % recycled and organic materials. Not to mention made in LA, go America! I found this tank at a little hippie boutique but you can purchase their produts on It is the softest tank I have ever felt and I bought it on sale for about 20.00 (normally their tanks & tops range from 30.00 to 50.00 which is not bad for soft, organic materials).


The same Chinese Landry shoes from the last pic only this time paired with black high wasted skinnies and this fabulous lace bralette found at TopShop in Nordstorm. I actually bought this top at the end of December with the intent of wearing it for NYE. However I ended up wearing it a few weeks later to dinner in Florida. The Dark Green color of the lace looked perfect paired with a blue druzy necklace by Breedazzled along with a few Breedazzled bracelets.


I am not wearing any new clothing in this pic, however I am wearing a few new Breedazzled bracelets paired with a free people tie dyed top and David Lerner leggings. My kicks of choice were converse because I had a day of running around and was going for the comfy but cool vibe.



Speaking of “comfy but cool” thats exactly how I would describe my tie dyed slouchy pants by Haute Hippie which I found super on sale at the Saks Off 5th outlet in Florida! My top is also new, a purchase, surprise! My belt is Free People and my “comfy but cool” shoes are Nike sneaker wedges AKA my soul mate in shoe form.


Like I said on my instagram @thebreedazzledlifestyle “Travel in style with comfort in mind.” That is why I chose my Nike sweatpants I recently bought from Dicks Sporting goods & Athleta sweatshirt, which was a fab christmas gift, as my airport attire of choice. Both pieces are super warm and comfy without being frumpy. Paired with my sneaker wedges, a leather jacket and blingy Breedazzled jewelry, the sporty look becomes super stylish.

That is the end of my post, purchases & Florida trip. See you again soon!

New Year, New Clothes, New You

Happy New Year BABES! 

I Hope everyone rang in 2015 sipping chugging a glass of champagne, rocking tight black pants & dancing with some baes. I know I did! Anyways, I am not a fan of the whole “New Years Resolution” thing because I prefer to work on myself every day of the year & do not need the excuse of a “New Year” to better myself. To me, 2015 will be another year of working out, eating healthy (most of the time), being kind (also most of the time but I can’t control PMS or people that piss me off) & working on my career. However this year is also a little different, in a very awesome way. I will officially enter the fashion world having just received my Bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship from the Fashion Institute of Technology AKA the “Harvard of Fashion” (I like that better because it makes me sound ivy league-ish). I am pumped for this new chapter in my crazy ass book of life and have never been more excited for a new year than I am for 2015. So what I am going to do this year, and no this is not a resolution because unlike many “avid resolutioners” I am actually going to do this, is KICK ASS. Not literally because I’m like Buddhist and don’t believe in human violence really. But kick ass in the fashion industry and in every aspect of my life. And I advise you all to do the same. Start living the life you imagine because as Buddha said “What you think, you become.” Now here are some fashions, if you were slacking on your outfit game in 2014, time to amp up your wardrobe. Happy Shopping!


To Dark Horse Lounge in Morristown, NJ I go. It was my friend Rosanna’s  birthday & apparently I woke up on the hipster bitch side of the bed that day. Top is from Forever 21, leggings are from Urban Outfitters. Accessorized with my Rayban glasses, Converse high tops, Chanel handbag & Breedazzled jewelry.


I tried to find a cute dress for my Grad party at the Brownstone (yes the real housewives of NJ Brownstone)  but had no luck. I rocked a sequin crop top & faux fur jacket from Forever 21, high waisted skinnies from Urban Outfitters & Breedazzled jewelry.


Makeup of the night was Chanel. I found the most perfect faux crystal necklace from forever 21 for 4.80 that added some bohemian-ness to my sequin top. **CRYSTAL NECKLACES ARE SUCH A TREND RN**


I wore these super cute combat boot heels from Forever 21 which you can slightly see in this pic. My sister (far right) looked hot in her Brandy Melville tee, Forever 21 faux fur vest and Target stockings.

20150104-144757.jpgMyself and my girl Kayla taking our last mirror selfie of 2014. I wish everyone a happy, healthy, wealthy & stylish New Year!


PS: If you were a really big BITCH in 2015, and trust me it happens Breezus does not judge,  Buddha has some words for you entering the new year…


Ok, Buddha did not say that, but still try!

It may be cold but you should still look HOT

Tis the season of furry coats & beanies, it’s winter BITCHES! Well, technically it’s still fall but winter starts on the 21st which is in like a minute soooo.. Anyways, winter fashion. How do you look cute and stay super warm at the same time? You don’t. And when one is forced to choose fashion over function, one chooses fashion. ALWAYS. There is nothing cute about those intense winter marshmallow-like jackets or Ugg boots. They are called Ugg for a reason, although comfy, they are fucking ugly. Keep them in the house ladies, they hurt my eyes. Here’s what I have been rocking lately. If I can pull myself together and galavant around Manhattan like I’m not cold and miserable, you can do it too. Stay strong my fashion friends.

PS: A little wine before you leave your cozy home and brave the cold always helps. Or a lot of wine. Your choice, Breezus doesn’t judge.

Another PS: Forever 21 has the most AMAZING faux furs. There really is no reason to wear real fur, faux is way cheap and not an animal! Like I said, Breezus doesn’t judge BUT….  Pro Faux!


What I rocked to the office on my last day as a sales & showroom intern.  Faux fur jacket which I recently purchased on, I am obsessed with it! I paired it with my beaded Parker jacket which is seen peeking out underneath, a marble gray top, faux leather joggers from forever 21 and my combat boots.


A night out in the city. Ripped jeggings from American Eagle. Gray sweater from forever 21, moto jacket from TopShop. Also, combat boot heels from forever 21 (not shown).


A close up of my new fave, reindeer-like jacket worn with a brandy melville beanie.


Off to Santa Con!  Red checkered blouse from LF (bought during their sale, duh!), thermal from free people & an arm full of breedazzled bracelets as well as a lokai bracelet.


Paired with black jeggings of course!


Sami’s birthday celebrations at BBar! I rocked a gypsy top from (New shoppers get 20 % off! ), ripped jeggings from American Eagle (same pants from outfit above, they are my fave) , Botkier handbag from a ZILLION years ago (but still fab)….


And topped it off with a hat! And breedazzled.


And for my final exams…. sweats OBVS. Even in comfy attire, your jewelry game still must be on FLEEK. Necklace from Urban Outfitters, sweatshirt was a gift from my bestie. Choker (top necklace) is breedazzled.


 Sweatshirt from Urban Outfitters. Ornate slave bracelet by breedazzled. 

That’s all the fashions for now. Wishing everyone much peace, love & fashion during the Holiday Season. And if you haven’t finished your present shopping yet, I know just the website you should check out…. CLICK HERE !

Xx B