What is feminism & am I a feminist ?

Today’s post is inspired by a paper I had to do for my cross cultural studies class. A little lengthy, but I will put lots of pictures & use profanity to keep you awake, I fucking promise. Anyways, I did Not want to do this assignment. And it’s not because I don’t like the class or that I am not interested in the topic, I just hate writing papers. Weird, rite? Because I am a blogger & all. But papers are so formal and I am a very informal person. Papers are to New York City as Blogs are to Los Angeles. And I am most definitely a Cali Girl at heart. So , professor Jennifer here is my midterm assignment in blog form. If you totally hate it, I will completely change it for the final (this assignment continues into our final) and for once in my life do what I am told. But in my always stubborn a$$ fashion ~ here is my “Thebreedazzledlifestyle.com” attempt.

How do we find and create moments of liberation within contexts of oppression?

See you later,


~ Above is the email my professor sent me telling me the topic of the assignment ~

Well Jenn, I am hopefully going to answer that question, that is if I don’t get off on too much of a tangent because my topic of choice is very, very scandalous.

Let’s talk about Feminism. What is Feminism ?


Ok so basically once upon a fucking time women stayed home and were  “oppressed” in society. Men went to work and made the money for the family while women baked apple pies all day. The man was more respected because he had to work and support the whole family. The fucking end. Nowadays women want to be “equal” to men by going to work, making money for their family, and make the same amount of money as a man would in the same position              (women make about 77 cents to a mans dollar ).

At my young age of 21, I feel pretty strongly about the topic of women and oppression in society mostly because well, I fucking am a woman and also because I do believe in women empowerment. But I don’t know whether or not that makes me a Feminist, per say.


Here is what I do know about myself:

My ultimate passion in life is LOVE. But not love between me and a man. Sure, that is part of it, but not the entirety. I want to be in love with my life. Everything about it from my job, my friends, where I live, my hair color, my family, in love with a man, in love with my shoes. I want to truly love life. Such a simple idea yet is it achievable ? YES. It definitely is. Over the years of being a major introvert, going in and out of loner phases and often preferring to do things by myself, I have really learned so much about myself. I learned that I want a career, I absolutely love, love, love fashion and the act of getting dressed, Puppies are my favorite people, Pilates is so fun and is good for my soul, My ultimate crush is Brody Jenner, I don’t want to get married young, I want two or three kids and preferably boys,  I love making jewelry, and listening to music, I am apparently Caucasian but I was definitely meant to be African American, I was Nicki Minaj in my past life and my women crush Wednesday (even though it is currently Thursday) is Margot Robbie from the Wolf of Wall Street because not only is she beautiful but she basically or I bet for sure even did bang Leo, and who wouldn’t want to bang Leo? Even totally straight guys want to bang Leo.


So because I want to have a career and do so before getting married and doing the whole “wifey” thing, does that make me a FEMINIST? I did some “breesearch” and here is what I found out. “Breesearch” is a word used by my dads ex girlfriend because I like to put my name in words, for example “Breeyonce.” Anyways Breesearch consists of me Googling different questions that come to mind about this topic and reading a bunch of shit in a random ADD like manor in an attempt to figure out the answer.

First Question:

Does wanting a career make women feminist?

The first response that comes up is a blog post written by Amy Glass who says she ” Look[s] down on young women with husbands and kids and [shes's] not sorry. Below are a few quotes from her blog post :

“…Every time I hear someone say that feminism is about validating every choice a woman makes I have to fight back vomit…” Amy Glass

“…Do people really think that a stay at home mom is really on equal footing with a woman who works and takes care of herself?…” Amy Glass

“…You will never have the time, energy, freedom or mobility to be exceptional if you have a husband and kids….” Amy Glass

“…Doing laundry will never be as important as being a doctor or an engineer or building a business…. ” Amy Glass

I agree with some points Amy made, but I also disagree with some as well.

1. I do not look down on young women for getting married and having kids. It is not the path I am going to take, but I don’t think there is anything “wrong” with that where I would look down on someone for taking that path in life.

2. I don’t look at “feminism” as wanting to  do more than laundry and I don’t compare the act of doing laundry to “being a doctor.” There needs to be people doing laundry in this world as much as there needs to be doctors or else we would have nothing to wear.


3.I understand what Amy is saying about not having enough time to be “exceptional” if you have a husband and kids. There are definitely personal & career goals I want to achieve before getting married and having kids. It’s not that I don’t think I can achieve these “exceptional” goals with a family, I am just not even close to being ready for that part of my life BUT I was born for a career. I have always wanted to work in the fashion industry since I was a young girl and I feel as though I have spent the first 21years of my life trying to figure out what kind of career in said industry I am going to be most passionate about.

You can read Amy’s full article by clicking here.

Another search result I found interesting…

There is actually a website called womensliberation.org & on it is an article titled

National Women’s Liberation: What we want, what we believe

This is apparently what they want:

1. Women’s lives, ideas, desires, and dreams to be no less important than men’s.

2.We want men to do a fair share of the housework, raising children, and the work of maintaining and cultivating relationships—at least half of it.

3.We want time for work, family, and ourselves.

4.We want to be loved and respected for who we are as people.

5.We want full control over the decision to have children.

6.We want to build upon the victories of the women’s liberation movement of the sixties.

And what they believe…

1.We are Pro-Woman feminists

2.We believe that women are an oppressed class.

3.We believe that all men receive benefits from male supremacy.

4.We believe our oppression is real, not all in our heads, and we cannot escape it through individual acts.

5. We believe that women are the experts on our own experiences.

6.We believe that women of color are critical to the success of the women’s liberation movement.

7.We believe that our economic system makes feminist struggle an uphill battle.

8.We believe that women need a grassroots, independent women’s liberation movement led by and made up of women.

Here are my thoughts on this.

1. I, like the group who wrote this article, also want the time for a career, family and myself. I think the thought of not having the time to do it all is what makes a lot of people’s decisions on doing one or the other. I definitely want the time for myself, a husband, and kids and I feel as though “time management” is something I am just going to have to learn through life.

2.I do not look at women as an “oppressed class.” I cannot name one thing that is holding me back. Yes, a zillion years ago I wouldn’t have been able to fucking vote but I honestly don’t care about a zillion years ago because I was not even alive in those times. I care about now, I don’t feel oppressed in any way and I don’t know of anything holding me back from doing what I want to do.

You may read this whole article by clicking here.


Next Question.

Do Feminists wear makeup?

The reason I am asking this is because I want to know whether or not it is “feminist” to want to “enhance” you appearance. Do Feminists exercise, care about fashion, get their hair dyed, do feminists wear hair extensions? Because I definitely do all of the above. Except I just took my weave out, so no more hair extensions. But I love fitness, not only for the body enhancing aspect but also because a main goal in my life is to be healthy. and I obviously love fashion. I get my hair dyed all the time and have serious commitment issues when it comes to hair color, which of course the ombre trend totally enables me to not commit. Is it “feminist” to care about all of these “girly” things or is it “anti-feminist”?

I found a open blog forum on beautylish.com asking the question “Lipstick Feminism: Is Makeup Anti-Feminist, or Pro-Feminist ” ?

here were some of the responses, each from different ladies.

Tina N.
“I definitely dont think makeup is oppressive to women. You dont have to use it. If its something that can make you feel better about yourself, raise your confidence, feel beautiful, and not that not wearing makeup makes that possible but it helps…..”

Brenda M.
“To me makeup is more of an art, which means I dont believe makeup is oppressive to women at all. We live in a society where now a days both female and male wear makeup, its an art where you play with colors and your face is the canvas…..”

Andrea F.
“I think the attitude of not being able to leave the house without makeup on is anti-feminist. And that “makeup is beauty” is anti-feminist as well. What I like about makeup is that it is creative! I think of it as a form of art, rather than something to hide my ‘flaws’ and to make me look like a girl on a magazine….”

Emily C.
“Pro! It’s all about making yourself happy and confident, and you don’t have to wear it!…..”

You can read all of the responses by clicking here.

Most responses said that wearing makeup is not being anti-feminist, many referring to it as a “form of art” and agreed that you don’t have to wear it, it is something you choose.

This is how I feel about makeup. Makeup has helped me many times confidence wise for years while I was dealing with bad acne breakouts. It is not oppressive in any way to make yourself feel good, if anything it is the opposite. And although it may seem superficial to spend time on yourself making yourself look “better”, we as humans are superficial. But that’s okay, its natural to have superficial qualities, to an extent of course. I think makeup is totally ok to wear, and I am going to continue to wear makeup until I die. Hopefully I am still able to apply it when I’m like 90 because I will def need some major wrinkle reducing foundation!


Next Question.

Are reality shows such as the real housewives anti-feminist?

I ask this question because I definitely indulge in reality tv. I keep up with the Kardashians and I watch “The Real Housewives” of basically every city. What’s interesting about the “housewives” is that the women who appear on the housewife shows are all so different. Many advocate working and being independent, which may be their reasoning for being on reality TV, the paycheck. Other Bravo housewives however definitely have more of a stereotypical “housewife” mentality.

For example, Melissa Gorga who stars on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

Melissa wrote a book titled “Love Italian Style” where she shares “The secrets of [her] hot and heavy marriage.” A lot of statements she makes in the book were criticized for being “plagued with sexism, double standards and 1950′s logic” according to americanhumanist.org.

lets take a look:

1. “When gender roles are confused, sexual roles are, too. If he’s at the sink and then changing diapers, then who throws down in the bed? In our marriage, Joe is always the man, doing masculine things. I’m the woman, and I do female things, including housework…” ~ Melissa Gorga.

So Melissa, are you saying that Joe doesn’t do diapers? Your life must be filled with shit!

2. “Men, I know you think your woman isn’t the type who wants to be taken. But trust me, she is. Every girl wants to get her hair pulled once in a while. If your wife says “no”, turn her around, and rip her clothes off. She wants to be dominated…”. ~ Melissa Gorga.

So my “no” can never mean NO? But it’s my body…


3. Girls don’t poop. Me, never have. Never will. It just doesn’t happen. Or that’s what Joe thinks! We’ve been married for nine years, and he has never once seen or smelled my business. ~ Melissa Gorga.

What confuses me about Melissa being so gender biased is that she is on a TV show and taking home a big paycheck. She is technically a working mom which seems like something that she would be so against considering her other statements. And with her filming schedule I highly doubt she spends all her time in the kitchen making homemade pizza, lets be real.  I respect Melissa’s advice and her attempt to help women keep their marriage “hot”, but I definitely will not be taking it! Although I do not agree with Melissa’s statements I do not believe that watching reality TV shows like this is oppressing me in any way. It is simply filling my free time with mindless entertainment after a long day of using my mind.Therefore, I do not think it is anti-feminist to watch RHONJ!

Next Question.

Is Beyonce a feminist?


Beyonce is a beautiful, talented, intelligent superstar, who is also a wife and a mother. She is one truly amazing person and she happens to be female. Because she is so amazing and because she is soooo female (she has the best curves in the business) does that make her a feminist? Some people look at her as one of the strongest forces in the “feminist movement” empowering women to “run the world.” Other people would not agree that someone who tells “bitches” to “bow down” is a good feminist at all.

Recently Queen B shared with the world an essay she wrote titled “Gender equality is a myth.” She brings up the fact that women make 77 cents to a mans’ dollar and has this to say about it;

“But unless women and men both say this is unacceptable, things will not change. Men have to demand that their wives, daughters, mothers, and sisters earn more – commensurate with their qualifications and not their gender. Equality will be achieved when men and women are granted equal pay and equal respect….” Beyonce Knowles 

So it seems as though Beyonce believes women are not equal to men because of the 23 cent salary gap. She does have faith that we can change the current circumstances…

“We have a lot of work to do, but we can get there if we work together. Women are more than 50 percent of the population and more than 50 percent of voters. We must demand that we all receive 100 percent of the opportunities…” Beyonce Knowles


Beyonce even talks about feminism on her latest album, Beyonce. So I guess it is safe to say she is a feminist. I definitely respect her use of super stardom to promote gender equality. I find it surprising that she feels so strongly about women earning more money because let’s face it, Beyonce is not a successful “Woman.” She is a successful person in general and I do not think her success has been oppressed in any way, so the fact that she cares so strongly about us non-superstar females out there earning more money, well, that’s pretty dope. Now that she has wrote this essay and made her feelings about gender inequality public, I am eager to see what she does to promote gender equality in the future. Is she going to prove to be a really strong force in raising that 77 cents to a dollar, or is Beyonce seductively feeding us lip service?

And so back to the question: How do we find and create moments of liberation within contexts of oppression?

Well, a whole “feminist movement” has been created due to the “oppression” of women, and it seems as though this movement is gaining more and more force at an exponential rate, especially in the past few years. What I have learned so far about the topic of feminism is that it is extremely difficult to define and understand because of how complex it is. There are so many types of “feminists” who all have different ideas and opinions on the subject. I still do not know whether or not I am a feminist or if I even believe in this movement, I really do not know If I feel “oppressed” in any way. What I do know is that I truly believe in equality. Not gender equality, but equality in general. People equality. People being equal without gender, race, age, sexuality, culture, or any other “label” being a factor. That stuff should not matter, people should all be equal. You should be able to make the same amount of money as the next person, marry whoever you want to, stay at home without judgement or go to work and have the position you so desire. I am looking at the bigger picture. Even if women were to wake up one day and be “equal” there still would be so many “groups” of people being discriminated against. So my advice is that maybe we should just stop putting labels on things and let equality thrive. Because the only labels that are important to me are the ones on my handbags. And in that case, I would definitely label myself as a “Chanelist.”

Xxx  the other Queen B     Brianna Cantore Terlizzi

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Sunday Morning Muffins

What would you like for Breakfast, Donnie? MUFFINS!


At Cunningham Muffins, we know that Muffins make the BEST BREAKFAST! Which is why when I was contemplating what to bake for my doormen who have been so incredibly helpful with my move in, I decided upon MUFFINS! To make these bad boys I used a muffin mix by Glutino. It is gluten free and made with only a few ingredients (if I am going to use something with ingredients, the less there are the better). I followed the recipe on the box but made variations. I used coconut oil instead of butter, egg whites instead of eggs and almond milk instead of dairy milk. I also added a handful of kale for nutritional value and a handful of nuts for enhanced taste. And since I was leaving for a night & my fruit would probably go bad I added some berries and bananas into the muffins.


All ready to bake! I sprayed the muffin tin with coconut oil, I swear by coconut oil & never use butter anymore.


All baked! Once I took them out of the oven I lightly dripped Agave Nectar onto the muffins and sprinkled a little bit of cinnamon for extra sweetness because nothing could ever be too SWEET!

*** Why I use Agave Nectar : It is a natural sweetener with low glycemic impact // aka your body will not have a drastic spike & fall in blood sugar ***


Of course I had to try out my baking before giving them away. What if they were somehow poisonous? Or tasted super disgusting?!


I lived ! Guess they weren’t poisonous.


All ready for my dudes downstairs! I find it really important to write down the ingredients of your baking on a card when gifting someone with your sweets because of the high amount of food allergy sufferers. Taking 2 seconds to make an ingredient card is way easier than stabbing someone with an EpiPen.


Yum! Hope you are enjoying something sweet this Sunday Morning!

Xxx b


Hot Guy Friday, Bradley Cooper Edition

Last Thursday night I stayed in & watched American Hustle. This Thursday night I’m staying in and writing about it. The movie, which stars a brutal looking Christian Bale ( who normally is super amazing ) and the always wonderful Bradley Cooper, takes place in the late 70′s and is loosely based on some ABSCAM FBI operation // google it I didn’t know about it either before this movie. Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams were in it as well but who cares. I do love Jennifer Lawrence though, she is so great; but anyways back to Bradley Cooper. His character in American Hustle wasn’t that amazing or interesting really. And the movie in itself did not even compare to the amazingness of The Wolf of Wall Street #SorryNotSorry #IAlsoLoveLeo. But at the end of the day, any movie staring the strikingly blue eyed Bradley Cooper should be nominated for an Oscar because Bradley Cooper is very, very sexy.

Xxx B

BC in American Hustle. Photo Credit / Sony Pictures.


Who can forget his Black Suit Moment in The Hangover. Not This Bitch!

Ray-Ban-3025-Bradley-Cooper-big the-hangover_400

Did you know he briefly dated Carrie on Sex and the City? It was only for a second though, she found something wrong with him & dumped his ass #TypicalCarrie #ImNotJudging.


He caught my eye in wedding crashers, those eyes!

Bradley-Cooper-in-Wedding-Crashers-bradley-cooper-7851008-852-480 005WDC_Bradley_Cooper_016

And he went through an awkward stage which makes him even more AMAZING!


Basically Bradley Cooper is a Perfect Person.

916653da854cdb4984e1599932965fd7 esq-02-bradley-cooper-1212-lg

bradley-cooper2 images


Very perfect

Post Workout Smoothie: Things were nutty

After my vigorous Tone It Up workout today I made a body rebuilding smoothie & I need to share the recipe ASAP so that way you can make sure you have the ingredients and make it tomorrow! Its nothing crazy or new, just very yummy and nourishing. Also this recipe makes 2 servings, so pour it in your Mason Jar, drink half & save the rest. I used one Mason Jar as an attempt to save washing time / be earth conscious and simplify my life, tough work! Recipe is below.

XXx b 


2 bananas (either fresh or frozen) . Handful of kale (fresh or frozen works) 1 serving of Vanilla Coconut Milk Yogurt. 1 packet of Tone it up Vanilla protein (optional / If you replace this with a different brand of protein remember the TIU is only 70 calories. 2 tbsp of all natural Almond Butter. Dash of Almond milk to thin out the mixture. Dash of Agave Syrup (optional).




Enjoy your smoothie in a relaxing ambience. Candles, Fairytale Books & Fashion Magazines.

Fashion Meets Fitness: Accessorize your workout attire

As a fashion girl who also loves fitness, I find it frustrating that I spend so much time in workout clothing. I despise those days when I am looking completely ratchet, running errands post gym & obviously seeing about 10 people I know in the process. Question: why don’t I look fabulous as fuck post workout like Nicole Richie or Ashley Tisdale leaving Equinox and headed to shop at Kitson, WTF?

Nicole Richie All Smiles After April Fools Joke Hit The Media Yesterday Ashley+Tisdale+Ashley+Tisdale+Gym+2+RWF1OPu8qBCl

They, like myself, are wearing a typical workout outfit, minimal to no makeup and of course, bed head. However, what makes these gals look so glam bam post workout session with Tracy Anderson or whatever fabulous trainer they go to is how they accessorize their outfits. Balenciaga bag, oversized Gucci shades, a few layered Jennifer Meyer necklaces, basically a bunch of fabulousness they would wear with a normal outfit only with workout clothing. But they don’t look NJ housewives tacky”, they look very casual cool. As a bitch who loves designer handbags more than pretty much anything, I decided I am no longer giving a fuck and am wearing my rent- in accessory form that is, on top of my workout outfits when I attend the funeral for my fat AKA the gym. From now on when I leave my apartment to go workout I will be rocking my standard workout pants and tank accessorized with my Ray Ban aviators, insert designer bag here, Nike sneakers & a wrist full of my Breedazzled bracelets that I design and make. Oh, and if it is cold out I will for sure throw on a leather jacket or fur // Duh. My accessories which I love so much will not only add a little glam to my outfit but also a little more bounce to my step, and if you think I am being “Teresa Guidice Guady” well, I just don’t give a fuck. And so my advice to you is simple, it is ok to turn to material items to help perk you up a little bit. Find what it is that will add that extra sparkle to your shine & don’t let your fear of standing out hold you back from shining bright like the diamond that you are. If adding a little glam to your workout attire is going to boost your confidence, then go for it! After all, the best accessory a babe can wear is CONFIDENCE, besides a Chanel bag of course.

Xxx  B


I have a serious passion for handbags. Above is my cherry red Marc Jacobs bag. I love it so freakin much! Galaxy pants (representing the size of my ass post winter chocolate binges) from Victorias Secret. Jacket from the LF during their recent sale, total score. Sweatshirt from Pac Sun.




Ain’t Laurent Without Yves. Sweatshirt from Pac Sun. Faux fur from forever 21. Ray ban Sunglasses.


BCBG generation fur. Nike sneakers. Arm full of breedazzled bracelets.


The galaxy pants make another appearance on earth.


Kind of looking slightly Mary Kat-ish for a Trader Joe’s run post in apartment yoga. PS it was like past 7 pm at this point but I still fell the need to wear sunglasses out. What can I say, it was a Sunday and I was a little too natural faced…

Kings of Cole sweatshirt.

Ice Ice Baby: Summery Berry Ice Cubes


All right STOP, collaborate & listen.

B is back with a brand new invention (well more of a popular DIY idea but that doesn’t go with the lyrics). Anyways, if you haven’t caught on to the fact were making Ice, Ice Baby than shame on you for not recognizing a lame early 90’s music reference.

Vanilla+Ice 295902-ice-cream-vanilla-ice-cream-cone 

<These are both pictures of Vanilla Ice>

However it is not “Vanilla Ice” we are making but Berry Ice. I whipped these fruity cubes together the other night because my fridge uses “vintage” technology AKA no ice machine (WTF) and I was all out of cubes. Ever have berries you know are about to go bad & cringe at the idea of throwing them out?  Well that was my white girl problemof the night so instead of letting my delicious bowl of “The Chanel of Fruit”go to waste, I put the berries in my ice cube tray and then added water (I used tap because NYC supposedly has Beyoncé amazing water quality).  Reasons why you should make these berry cubes… For starters, they add a hint of flavor to your drink as they slowly melt, releasing the vitamins & antioxidants in the fruit rite into your drink. How naturally fabulous!  Also, it is obviously a better option than throwing them out, never throw out anything that is nutritious, get it in your body! And finally a sightly more important reason than nutrition to make berry cubes, they look so fuckingprettyin your drink! Berry cubes transform a boring glass of water into a drinkable party & are a great idea for the approaching BBQ season – an Instagram-worthy detail that is sure to be loved by your guests. So next time your berries are going bad, crank up Vanilla Ice’s only hit song & make Berry Ice, Ice Baby.

Xxx b 

Directions: Put the berries into your ice trays & then pour the water into them using a measuring cup. Using a measuring cup to pour is a great thing for “special” people like myself who cannot pour well. Freeze the trays overnight &Top of FormBottom of Formvoilà!


Who doesn’t have a Pyrex? So standard.


Pomegranate seeds are the Loubs of fruit.


Cut the strawberries teeny, tiny so they fit into the tray.



Raspberry selfie

20140313-152243.jpgBlueberry selfie


I obvi instagrammed a pic of my cubes!  30 likes babes, just for ice.


If only I could give you a virtual sip :///  

I would LOVE for my name to be “Vanilla Ice” for a day just so I could post “selfies” like this…




HUMP DAY BOOTY: do this workout now!

SoI just moved into the West Village in Manhattan from Wayne, NJ & surprisingly I have yet to join a gym. I usually go every day (don’t judge) and so not going for the past few , well , this is new. I did take a Pilates class which I usually do 2-3 times a week, and to be honest I am not sure I would go back to the studio I randomly chose. If the studio  I went to was a pair of Louboutin’s, than basically the Loubs just didn’t exactly fit. Anyways, in the meantime I have been working out in my tiny yet “spacious” studio apartment & I have to share this workout video I literally am still sweating from doing. It is by Karena & Katrina who star on Toned Up on Bravo, which is a reality show yet exercise + nutrition program all in one. Make sure you do this video when you have about 20 minutes to spare, which is basically the same as 1 minute so no fucking excuses! Besides, every mega babe needs a little “booty” on “hump day” & by doing this Tone It Up booty routine you will be one Loub  stride closer to getting just that… A Little Booty (literally) hehe. Xxx b video link is below.



from left Marissa and myself (Bri) hence the name “Barissa” flaunting our bums on the beautiful, sparkling sunny Naples, Florida beach this past summer.

I miss summer so much.