Gent’s Vintage Clothing Show

The two things I ever so passionately LOVE in life, boys & vintage clothing, made up my afternoon on Friday, the 15th of November. The Gentlemen’s Vintage Clothing Show was filled with goodies that only the guys I picture in my dreams would wear. Of course I took pictures and got scolded at by this old yellow haired kunt that told me to delete them [pretends to delete. rolls eyes. walks away.] bitch. Anyways, here are some “illegal” pictures I snapped along with some pieces inspired by the ones I spotted that the poorly dressed males of the world should consider buying because love at first sight will only occur for us ladies if the sight is one fucking well dressed sight. And I mean, it’s not like we can see your wallets soooo….. dress well men, dress fucking well.

||   19th between 6th & 7th Ave ||


1463946_747829605231413_1257999986_n 1472146_747738148573892_2113474412_n 974249_747738161907224_286587310_n

||  Bags for boys ||

1393573_747829618564745_369620412_n 1395272_747829651898075_2026213936_n

||  I may not have been a sportsy gal, but I LOVE varsity jackets. Many brands make these jackets nowadays and add modern touches for supreme sexiness, shop my picks below.||

214502-0001-back Obey-Home-Field-Black-Varsity-Hooded-Jacket-_214502

|| Dying over this black on black jacket by OBEY available on Shop it here ||


|| This jacket is from & is by STAPLE. The graphic on the back is unexpected and super dope. Shop it here||


||  I spy a rack of flannels and a stack of hats || You should definitely have flannel in your wardrobe if you are a true dude. And about the hats.. try them! Here are a few options ||

313-00098-0500NAIL K0875FA-FLAZOOM1 313-00002-0135NAIL

|| Some vintage inspired options from to top off your wardrobe.  ||


||  My favorite flannels from || So farm boy fab ||

1415664_747747745239599_465363956_n 1001598_747829838564723_615038827_n

||  Found a few hot belts. Studs are always sexy on studs! And how killer literally is this bullet holding belt ? Amaze ||

8344432_fpx 8405464_fpx 8313410_fpx

||  John Varvatos has some great belts on that will give you the rough, vintage look but still well put together and at the same time. Plus they look easy to take off which is always a plus, just sayin’… shop them here.  ||

1450861_747829635231410_918253780_n|| My last vintage find necessary for mankind are these simple graphic tees. Oh how I love a dude in a nicely fitted tee. Not too tight because you will look like a total fucking douchebag. And nothing with rhinestones on it, the Ed Hardy Era is long over, Thank Breezus. ||

8319129_fpx   8400089_fpx 8390687_fpx

|| When in doubt, choose a tee with either a cool city name and/or sports team on it, or go the band tee route. It not only looks cool, but it helps us chicks figure out a little bit about you dudes. And they can also be used as a conversation starter… “Oh, you like the Knicks? They are like totally my favorite basketball team for real  [ says the girl who has never watched a day of ball in her life and is basically saying she wants to bang you] ”  ||

Ok guys, ciao for now. Hope you learned a thing or so about attire & desire & how you should totally try to amp up your style for us fashion girls. Xx    b

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